A maternity photo session is one of the most special types of photo sessions you can book in. The arrival of your little one is getting closer and before you know it you will be cradling them in your arms. I think it's so important to capture some memories of this time in your life, something to cherish forever as a keepsake.

Ironically, I regret not having taken more photos of myself during my two pregnancies. I was so self-conscious about my changing body. In hindsight, I realise this didn't matter as much as I thought it did at the time. I wish I cherished that phase in my life more and had more tangible reminders of what it was like to be pregnant. That's why I always encourage women to book in a maternity photo session so they don't have the same regrets as I have. And it's why I always aim to make them feel as comfortable as possible during their session with me.

What is the best time to book in a maternity photo session?

I generally advise to book in your maternity photo session around the 30 to 35 week mark. This is usually the time in your third trimester when you're still feeling well and you still feel comfortable enough that you can move around easily for the photos. Some pregnant women prefer to book in a bit earlier because they are measuring a few weeks ahead, which is of course also fine. I'm more than happy to follow your lead in this and to give you advice on when to book in your maternity photo session based on your personal circumstances.

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