Unless you have an in-home session booked, most photo sessions will take place outside of your home. If your family consists of little ones and you're anything like me, packing for a trip outside the house often results in so many bags that your neighbours think you're off on a three-month trip around the world. And then once you're on the road, you realise you've forgotten half of the things you really need. Sound familiar? Don't fret, here's a short list of essentials you can pack for your next photo session.

What do I bring to a maternity photo session?

You don't need to bring much to a maternity photo session, apart from yourselves. I generally advise my couples to bring something to drink and eat, especially for the mum-to-be, as I know how hungry growing a little one can make you. You might like to bring along some different outfits (for example if you would like to have some photos taken in the water) and comfortable shoes. I have rugs to sit on and can even bring my peacock chair along if you like, so you don't have to worry about where to sit.

What do I bring to a newborn/baby photo session?

If you prefer an outdoor newborn session or baby session, I recommend bringing the following along:

  • Whatever is usually in your nappy bag, such as nappies, wipes and food
  • An extra outfit for your baby. Either for a mid-session outfit change, or as a back-up
  • Any keepsakes you would like to have photographed (e.g. a favourite toy, book or gift)
  • An extra top for the adults (in case your little one decides to leave a little something behind mid-session)

I love a natural setup for newborn photos and the local park or bushland is a great backdrop for this. I always bring along my trusted basket (pictured below), as well as some blankets. Please feel free to bring along any swaddles, wraps or blankets you would like to have included, they make the photos so much more personal.

What do I bring to an engagement photo session?

Your engagement photo session usually lasts around 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on what package you've chosen. This means you don't need to bring much apart from yourselves. Bring something to drink or eat for after your session, or bring a little picnic along - that will look nice in the photos too! Think about what you'd like to wear and where your engagement photo session will be held. This will also impact what outfit you might like to put on.

If you have any tangible memories from your relationship, please feel free to bring those along too! You might for instance have some old Polaroids laying around, a keepsake from the proposal or your save the date from your wedding that you can bring along. This session is all about you, your relationship and your future together - please make it as personal as you want it to be!

What do I bring to a family photo session?

If you have a family with small children, it can be quite difficult to pack enough without filling up your entire car. You don't need to bring many things along to your photo session and you probably already know what's best to bring along, but this list might help you prepare for your session:

  • A drink (in case you or your kids get thirsty)
  • Some snacks (ones that don't get clothes or hands messy)
  • An extra change of clothes (just in case)
  • Some entertainment for the kids (if they need a distraction)

If your child has any favourite books or toys, please feel free to bring them along. We can then see how we can incorporate them into the photos. Please also let me know beforehand what your children's favourite tunes are. I can bring along a Bluetooth speaker and turning on Spotify always adds an extra layer fun to my sessions.

I will also do my best to accommodate any special needs and/or requirements you may have, so please feel free to let me know if there's anything I can take into consideration for yourself and/or your children to make your session as relaxed as possible.

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