I received a message from Natalie one Sunday afternoon asking if she could book her family in for a session with me. They hadn't had any professional photos taken of the four of them and were looking for a laid back session in the Camden area. Yes please! I'm so happy Natalie reached out to me, they were such a lovely family to have in front of my lens. I was constantly checking the weather forecast beforehand as we had lots of rain in the days leading up to it. Luckily, the session went ahead and apart from wet grass it was perfect! I'm all for cloudy days, not only the light is a lot softer but it also just adds an extra something to the photos.

Jude and Zane are brother goals and it was such a nice experience overall. We utilised the 30 minutes we had together to take as many different photos as possible. This location is perfect for that! These photos make me smile every time I look at them and I love that one of the photos of the four of them together is now hanging up on their wall at home.

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