Are you looking for gift ideas for your mum, your sister or for a friend who is rocking motherhood? Here are 5 beautiful gifts for mums. These also work great as last-minute Mother's Day gift ideas! She will love these and you'll be supporting small Australian businesses at the same time. Win-win!

1. Personalised gifts

I'm a sucker for personalised gifts and I think I'm not alone. Whether it's a keyring or a photo frame, giving your gift that extra special touch will definitely be appreciated by the mum receiving it. Bonus points if there's room for the kids to put their artistic talents to work too, like these personalised fridge magnets by Steff Creates (her Mother's Day collection is divine!).

Another favourite small business of mine is Print to Life. Kirstie makes the most beautiful greeting and affirmation cards and can turn any photo into a stunning illustration. Top tip if the mum in question has a bare wall at home that needs to be filled with a personalised keepsake!

Image owned by Steff Creates

Image owned by Print to Life

2. Pamper boxes

Ditch those store-bought boxes with shower gel and a pouf and go the organic, handmade route. Mum deserves a bit of pampering and the best products to unwind with. I've ordered a few times from BubbleMama Soaps and all their products are natural, handmade, plastic and synthetic free. And they smell delicious!! From soap bars, lip balms, shower steamers to bath bombs, they pretty much have everything Mum needs for a bit of pampering. They have designed some sweet gift packs, or you can order individual products and have them bundled. I can't recommend them highly enough, they are one of my favourite small Aussie businesses and I'm sure they will also become your go-to for soaps in no time.

If you're looking for essential oils and skin care products, check out Wilde Blends. Mum boss Stephanie creates the perfect blends, natural perfumes and skin care products that smell divine and actually work! I've ordered multiple roller blends from her (including 'Immune', 'Headache' and others for the kids), my favourite perfume is made by her and her skincare products do wonders for my face and body. She also makes roller blends for pregnant women which is a great gift for mums-to-be. Did I already mention I love her products?

Image owned by BubbleMama Soaps

3. A me-time membership

You've probably heard the saying 'it takes a village' when it comes to raising kids. From first-hand experience I can say that is definitely true. Motherhood is an amazing privilege but it can also be incredibly tough at times. Feeling supported and having a break every now and again is therefore so so important for any mum. That's why I love the Australian business Mums Who Wine so much. Not only is mum boss Lauren a joy to follow on Instagram, the business she has created is all for allowing mums to fill their cups so they can be the best versions of themselves. A membership with Mums Who Wine only costs $69 a year and it includes so many extras. Think discounts on hundreds of products that Mum will love, access to exclusive events and an online community that will allow her to let her hair down and meet other mums. Help Mum find her village, she will love you (more) for it!

4. Dinner date

Gift Mum a dinner date and let her enjoy a kid-free night out at her favourite local restaurant. She will love you for giving her the chance to eat her dinner while it's still hot and not have to worry about picking up hot chips soaked in tomato sauce from the restaurant's floor. If you know she'd rather have a date night at home, why not order a grazing box for her with yummy treats. I can highly recommend Argyle Graze to Sydney locals, they have grazing boxes, Lebanese boxes (their speciality), dessert boxes and more. Yummm!

5. Photo session gift voucher

When was the last time Mum was in a photo with her kids, instead of the one taking the photo? As mums, we often feel insecure about our bodies, uneasy when we're the centre of attention and we put others' needs first. The result? Our phones are filled with thousands of photos of our kids, but none with us in them. But the truth is, our kids will want to look back at this time and the photos that were taken, and see their mums in the photo too. So why not give her a photo session by ordering a gift voucher? I know for sure that she will love the special time together with her kids during the session and be thankful that she is finally able to be seen as well.